Shrubs For Winter Display I love The Scent.

During the cold Winter month's a splash of color from flowering shrub's can be most welcome. Sudden frosty spell's can damage bloom's but most will recover with a second flush when conditions improve. Evergreen shrub's and conifers are good, place them toward's the back of border's so that annuals can be planted in front in summer.

For scent don't miss Viburnum Dawn planting it next to a path you travel each day or by the window.
Large pink tubular fragrant flowers produced on bare stem's early spring. Also some intermittent flowering from late fall through winter during period of mild weather.

Vigorous in habit with large foliage, like's full sun to light shade. Grow's in any soil including alkaline.

Viburnum Dawn

For a North wall or shady site plant Garrya James Roof from California. Male plant's have long gray green hanging catkin's and female plant's have insignificant flowers and lacking catkin's

Grow in full sun to medium shade don't plant in deep shade shrub becomes long, open and straggly, catkin's will diminish in time. Prefers a fertile soil but does well on any soil.

Black spots often appear on old foliage just before it drops in late winter and early spring. In cold unproductive springs there may be a delay between fall of old evergreen foliage and new growth of  leaves leaving the plant temporarily defoliated. This can also appear when new plant's are planted with a gap arising in mid spring. 

Garrya James Roof

Hamamellis Mollis a free standing winter flowering shrub cluster's of strap like petal's ranging from lemon yellow through golden yellow very fragrant in late winter has large oval to round leaves with good fall color.

Flowering time depend's on temperature the first semi mild spell following the shortest day of the year often trigger's first flower bud to open. 

Soil neutral to acid, moderate to heavy alkalinity will rapidly cause signs of chlorosis.

Hamamelis Mollis

Prefers full sun to light shade too much shade will spoil the shape and reduce flower's. Best planted where
winter sunlight can enhance flowering effect.

It really does pay to include a few shrub's for winter color in your garden. I n the depths of Winter you be glad you did.