Natural Way To Kill Weed's

I find weeding hard work as well as a bore weed's need to be removed they compete with plant's for water soil nutrient's space, and light.

Some harbour pest's, diseases such as chickweed, groundsel, shepherd's purse and hairy bitter cress act as host's during the winter to several virus diseases. In summer these diseases are spread by aphid's. For example groundsel carries rust.

To deal with them effectively get to know what they look like and how they grow. Study leaf shape's of  as many as possible so you can recognise seedling's as they appear. This will enable you to differentiate between weed's and self sown plant's which you want to keep.

We all know prevention is better than cure follow my basic step's to reduce weed growth in your garden.

Lay a thick mulch about four inches thick over exposed soil surface's, composted bark, gravel or well rotted compost. These form a barrier that prevent's weed seed 's from making contact with the soil and germinating. They also reduce the light needed for those already in the soil to grow.

Permeable fabric's are effective allowing no light to reach soil surface when clearing an area for a new flower bed or vegetable plot, lay black plastic over the ground for a couple of month's before planting it up. Like fabric mulch's this kill's annual weed's in growth and prevent them from settling on the ground surface.

Dense planting reduces weed growth as leafy canopies shade the surface of the soil and prevent germination. Other preventative methods digging as little as possible this bring's up seedling's where light can stimulate them into action.

Hoeing is a quick easy way to remove annual and some perennial seedling's try to hoe lightly in dry sunny weather this will kill any weeds lying on the ground they just dry up and die.

Weedkiller's are most effective control against deep rooted perennial's such as nettle's if you garden organically dig out as much of the plant as soon as it reappear's or cut it down again. After a couple year's the it will weaken and die but this method require's tenacity and success is not guaranteed.