Soil PH Test What To Do With The Result's

Soil PH Test What To Do With The Results
 A Gift for gardener's who expect more of their plant's than does nature.
How can I tell my soil is acid or alkaline?. I find the easiet method is to buy a simple soil testing kit. It will include an indicator solution to mix in a test tube with samples of soil from your garden. Before you start testing your soil don't use tap water it's own ph varies where you live instead use distilled water to get better result's.

If you were thinking of having a rhododendron or a camellia in a shady bed your ph is 7.0 I should for get it and think of an alternative both of these plant's belong to ericaceous family therefore require an acid soil to grow. In the wild plant's thrive in soil's that are unmanaged.

Why spend the time and effort to identify the type of soil in a garden and to modify it because the requirement's we gardener's impose on our soil's differ from those in nature in several way's.
The plant's growing in them are usually not those that would occur naturally these are removed and replaced earlier than in nature are grown in more constrained space's and we gardener's expect more from their plant's than nature does.