Small Electric Seed Starter with Heat Mat

How To Make a Early Start With Seeds
How to make a early start with seed's on your windowsill.

Long narrow plastic seed tray and heating mat with trasparent cover has three vent's one on top and two at each end.

Most seeds will germinate more quickly and more seedling's will survive if they started indoors and receive warmth, moisture and protection from pests and diseases. So if you have found raising your own plant's a bit tricky want something simple and inexpensive to nurture seed's.

The plus point about this propagator has lot of plug cell's try growing different type of seeds and plant cutting's all at the same time. Germination is fast has plenty of ventilation to reduce humidity. There's headroom for a thermometer so you can control the temperature inside.
To monitor the room temperature get a max min thermometer as this will tell you how cold it is at night and how hot the windowsill get's during the day. Place where it get's plenty of light but not strong sunlight and move at night before drawing curtains.