Choosing Containers for Your Container Garden

Choosing the right container for a particular type of plant is critical to its success.  If you choose the wrong size pot, it could seriously stunt the growth of the plant.  You need to choose the right size of pot, but it’s almost as important to choose a container that’s made of the right material.  Different materials will work better in different situations.

There are reproductions of many classical styles Greek, Roman, Chinese, Italian, Victorian. Traditional materials are used like concrete, reconstituted stone, fibreglass, plastic, terracotta, wood, and clay.

Wooden Plant Containers

If you’re planning to grow a perennial plant, like a large bay bush, you might want to choose a large wooden container.  Wood is especially attractive for use in growing plants that will continue growing for more than one season, and plants that you intend to grow outdoors in a conspicuous location.
Wooden containers are best for larger plants, and for use in highly visible areas of your yard can be used as ornaments to create a particular mood or rustic atmosphere can be created in a English cottage garden by using wooden tubs or barrels as ornaments.

Wooden pots are generally one of the most expensive types of containers. Wooden pots may be expensive, but they’re extremely durable.

Be sure to get one that’s treated on the outside,with linseed oil but not on the inside.   If you get a pot that’s treated on the inside, you might end up with dangerous chemicals being leeched into the soil and making their way into your plants.  This can kill the plants.

Use a cloth to work the oil into the wood grain, rubbing back and forth. When the wood has absorbed the oil, leave it for ten minutes then wipe the excess off with a clean cloth. Untreated wood tends to take 2-3 coats, but if you're unsure just stop when the wood stops absorbing the oil.

Plastic pots are probably the most widely used type of pot for container gardening.  This is largely due to the fact that plastic pots are generally the cheapest.  But cheaper isn’t always better. 

If you only plant to attempt container gardening for one year, then plastic may be a very good option for you. But if you think you might want to have a container garden next year, you might want to stick with something a bit more durable.

You could be tempted to think certain plastic pots are durable because they’re harder or thicker than other plastic pots, but that’s not necessarily true.  If plastic is left outdoors in the elements for too long, it can start to warp and crack.  Cracked pots are of little use for anything!

Terracotta clay pots are the second most economical type of container.  They’re pretty cheap, but they are very delicate and do break quite easily.  They also don’t stand up very well to freezing temperatures, so you shouldn’t leave them out during the winter.

Fired ceramic pots are a pretty good choice.  They can be a bit delicate, but many of them are pretty durable They’re usually glazed on the outside for appearance, but are left unglazed on the inside. This is good since the glaze can damage plants if it leeches into the soil.

You can also make your own containers by using things you find around the house.  Most cheap plastic containers can work if they’re large enough for whatever you want to grow, as long as you cut drainage holes in the bottom.

Drainage Is Critical to Plant Health. A hole at the bottom of the container allows water in the soil to drain freely so adequate air is available for the roots. While various kinds of plants have differing drainage needs, few can tolerate sitting in stagnate water. Cover the holes with broken clay pots this allow excess water to escape.
Some good example containers are ideal for decorating the house with window boxes, hanging baskets, and other pendulous containers, wall mounted pots and baskets, lightweight tubs, and troughs
Some people even use bags of compost as their containers simply cutting a hole in the side of a bag of compost sowing seeds directly into exposed compost.   You don’t have to use standard purchased containers.  Almost any container can be used for growing plants as long as it is safe and allows the plants adequate drainage.
Attractive set of wooden plant containers for your container garden give extra splash color to brighten any back yard.
Rustic Planter made from Western Red Cedar last for years two planters look nice either side of front doorway.