Patio and Balcony Plants

If you think that growing and caring for shrubs and plant's in tubs and planter's is a new hobby you are wrong.

Our ancestors discovered hundreds of years ago that oranges could very well bear fruit when planted in tubs. In summer they were placed outdoors. In winter taken indoors in a sheltered place called an orangery.

Its your decision how the container should look and of what material it should be made. Some people like synthetic material lightweight frost proof moderately priced.

Where as others prefer terracotta heavy, vulnerable the risk of breaking or damage by frost but so beautiful. There are people who rave about a classical wooden tub or planter.

You should not choose a planter or window box which is too small for your new acquisition.

Do not plant a dwarf lilac or a hydrangea in a pot which can barely hold the root ball. The root ball does not have enough room to develop and the consequence is stunted growth and eventual dying down. So choose a good sized tub, pot, or window box. This goes for all patio and balcony plants.

Varieties that can remain outside in winter.

Fortunately quite a lot of them fall under this category. Yet these plants and shrubs too require some extra care as they are more vulnerable in a pot than in the open ground. Especially in a prolonged period of frost the danger exists that they might dry out.

Terracotta pots are liable to freeze and crack. You can protect the root ball and the vulnerable terracotta by wrapping the pots in jute or straw or by covering them with fir branches.

See list of plants below.

Acer Palmatum  ( Japanese Maple )
Arum Italicum ( Italian Arum Lily )
Buddleia Davidii  ( Butter Fly Bush)
Dwarf Shasta Daisy
Dryopteris Filix Mas  ( Male Fern )
False Acacia Robinia
Hibiscus Syriacus
Hydrangea ( Hortensia )
Laurus Nobilis ( Sweet Bay )
Trailing Rosemary Capri
Scabiosa Columbaria
House Leek