7 Vital Tips About your Electric Propagator

Now that you brought your new propagator and ready to sow seeds you need to take care and be safe using electricity in the home or inside your greenhouse.

 How to take care of your Propagator.

1     To monitor the room or greenhouse temperature get a max min thermometer as this will tell you how cold it is at night and how hot the windowsill or greenhouse gets during the day.

 2    Place propagators on a windowsill that gets plenty of light but not strong scorching sunlight move them before drawing the curtains.

3     As for placing your propagator in the greenhouse have it facing north wards not south sunlight be raising  the temperature even when you switch it off or it Thermostatically controlled put news paper over the cover give it some shade.

4     Do not immerse trays with heating elements in water. Unplug and wipe with a damp cloth.

5    Seedlings will bend and grow towards the light, rotate pots and trays daily to keep stems straight.

Tip.  Get a card board box cut one of the longest side off cover the three sides with aluminium foil place the propagator inside the box. This will bounce light back onto the seedlings stop them growing to tall.

6     Moisture will build up on the inside of the lid remove this daily use a cloth wipe inside the lid. Grey mold Botrytis will kill you seedlings,or plant cuttings.  This is due to poor air circulation and ventilation this will stop the problem.

7   Treat your propagator with care when not in use so they don't get damaged. The cover can crack, and once the cable is damaged the bottom unit should be replaced.