Easy to Grow Herbs Indoors from Seeds

How and Where To Grow Herbs Food for Thought
This is a wonderful gift for the gardener or home cook.

Herb's are so useful in the kitchen that they merit a part of the garden to themselves ideally a sunny position near the door where they can be picked without bother grown in window boxes or on a patio in pot's. The window sill may seem the most obvious and convenient place to grow but often least successful. A better place for indoor herb garden is by a window or glass door in a room where there is plenty of light and low humidity.

Dry herb's like any garden produce are at their best when freshly picked. Since most are annual's or deciduous perennial's it is not always possible to have fresh herb's at hand. A supply of basil, chive's, parsley can be maintained throughout the year by growing indoor's on the sill for picking. Majority of herb's must be preserved for winter use by drying is the best method. I grow and cook my own love to talk about them let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.